Body Art and the Artists

Body Art and the Artists

Body Art and the Artists

Body Art designs … Everyone’s getting Them!

It Seems like Everyone Today either has body art of some kind somewhere on their body or is Eventually get one, Eventually!

This is all great news!.. I believe Not only will it create more jobs for the amazing artists out there but it will also

make the world we all live in a much more beautiful place to walk around in. Especially the warmer climates because we will then be able to see much more of the Tattoo’s exposed due to the weather permitting.  lol.

Lets about the actual body artist themselves for a moment:

My first reason has to be because they are a wonderful work of art. A much time consumed art form that deserves much attention.

These  artists (at least the majority of them ) go through time pain staking constant moments in order to complete a Tattoo. Yes, I know, we the ones, getting the tattoo, it does not tickle by any means but do remember that the tattoo artist and what he or she is putting into getting this accomplished for YOU!

- The constant bending over

- The constant precision needed

- The worry of NOT making a mistake (remember: This is a permanent design we are talking about)

- The straining of the eyes for many hours focusing on ONE TINY spot.

- And I do have to add this one, from hearing this from a great artist friend of mine: The Drunks and all of their stories you have to put up with listening to. Yes, some of them are funny but, oh my GOD, he wished that he could have put tape over this one guys mouth this one time. Ha!

Let us all remember these important things when we either get our very 1st design or get our 20th one.

I am not saying everyone acts this way, because i know they do not. The majority of people getting tattoo’s (especially the experienced ones) have the utmost respect for their artist which can go along way.

Bravo to all of the  artists out there and keep um’ commin’.

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