Fleur de lis Tattoo Designs – The Amazing History and What it Means

Fleur de lis Tattoo Designs – The Amazing History and What it Means

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The fleur-de-lis is an incredible, multi-cultural symbol with a dynamic and intricate history that goes way back. Often used as a venerable symbol by several different countries world-wide, the fleur-de-lis symbol also explored a wide area of noble causes, including some military aspects.

If you are thinking of getting a  tattoo design of this nature, then reading below might give you a better understanding of what the symbols history reflects. Then, after getting your tattoo design, you can share the history with everyone and be proud of your ink.

Very mysterious, the origins of the fleur-de-lis symbol not 100% known, meanwhile, it seems to have a similar common affluence in the early civilization eras. The symbol is translated from the French language as “flower of the lily”. Also, there are ideas that it may include similarities to the lotus flower.

One of the earliest recorded references to this  symbol is ancient Mesopotamia as an artistic form on a type of fabricated cylinder. Not knowing the geographical limitations, like-images appear on early Egyptian artifacts and many other ancient cultural renderings. There is also the possibility that the image gained monumental popularity after having been introduced by armies that have conquered other Countries.

A Divine intervention is rumored to have guided heaven to set forth a vial of oil to both anoint and sanctify the conversion of the Frankish King Clovis in 493 A.D. The event therefore ended in a lily showing up at the baptismal ceremony in relation to a special blessing of the Virgin Mary who is known as a benefactress of the lily flower. Therefore, King Clovis mandated the image and design of the lily flower, or fleur de-lis, placed on his helmet before the victory at the Battle of Vouille. Even more said, the Fleur-de lis image remained the chosen symbol factor of this king and court.

Later on down the life-ladder, many generations decided to directly connect the adoption of the fleur-de lis as symbol for all Christian Frankish kings, most notably Charlemagne.

The fleur de lis symbol also used as an ornament to Scottish and English noblemen. Italy, standing out, and the entire planet knows the fleur de-lis as part and party to papal crowns and the papal coat of arms. The Serbs, Spaniards, and Bosniaks, all consider the fleur-de lis as their very own national symbol of heraldry.

So it seems that the fleur-de lis belongs to all civilizations and not just one.  Like all good values, ethics, and integrity, the fleur-de-lis continually reminds us of all the values we have in this world.

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