Tattoos behind the Ears

Tattoos behind the Ears

%tattoo %designsMany people are tattooing their bodies these days. Besides discovering the amazing and creative artwork, more people are now choosing unique parts of the body to ink, and getting a tattoo behind the ear, is starting to become a popular item.

Especially the women.

Unlike a tattoo on the face, this can

easily be covered up with your long hair when you did not feel like showing it, that is, if you have long hair. If you are concerned about showing your tattoo at work or in school, this is a perfect body spot to consider getting one.

Tattoos in this specific area are quite small and tiny, however, the designs and images can be really attractive. There are thousands of different choices you can use for such a small area. You can choose a feminine and cute design or tougher and even a gothic style design. A few of the most popular behind the ear tattoos for women are the astrological symbols, birds, stars, hearts, flowers, and butterflies. Another idea is to have a loved ones name inked behind your ear to signify a close relationship.

Most people who get tattoos have a different threshold for the pain. Some find inking an ear tattoo can be tolerated with little to no blood, while others find that it hurts a bit because of the low amount of fat between the bone and skin. Some people may feel a bit uneasy when the needles hit the bone area. The good news is that this process is short lived because any design back there can only occupy a small space.

Because ear tattoos will be exposed to sunlight more than other areas, you may want to apply sun block to the design so to prevent the symbol from changing color or fading. Because a tattoo behind the ear is very visible, I would recommend a design which impresses or has significant importance to you. For the ladies who are on top of the latest fashion and tattoo trend, how about dying your hair, getting your nose pierced and having your behind ear tattooed?

Finding a perfect ear tattoo can be an easy task if you search designs . There will be unlimited high quality and nice-looking behind the ear tattoos to select.


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