Choosing the Best Floral Body Art

Choosing the Best Floral Body Art

Do you want a chain of roses, or some other type of floral tattoos?

While there are many designs and flower types to choose from, you may want to start by developing a set of criteria.

This may make it easier for you to…

narrow down to a subset of designs, and then select one for your own use.

If you already know the flower type that you want, it may be of some help to know more about it’s meaning.

As an example, if you want to have a single rose, it may be of some help to know what each color stands for.  From there, you may also want to consider the shape of he rose.  As you may be aware, a partially opened rose has a very different meaning from one that is fully open.

Did you know floral body art is much more than flowers?  Chance are, if you take a look at the images featured on the Chopper Tattoo website, you will find all kinds of designs that make use of flowers.

Among other things, you may find flowers that also include leaves from plants, or even scurrying bees.  You may even be interested in designs that show a flower imprint on a vase, or housed within a globe.

While you are looking for a floral design, it will be best to know what you are trying to capture.  Typically, there will be some symbolic element, or some special meaning that should be clearly understood when someone else sees your tattoo.

For example, if you want a design that speaks of a broken romantic relationship, a rose with tears pouring out will portray that far better than a rose bud, or a flower with rainbows and doves around it.

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