Popular Sleeve Tattoos Ideas and Tips

Popular Sleeve Tattoos Ideas and Tips

A very popular tattoo is the sleeve tattoo. Sleve tattoos are not just arm tattoos, like what most people think. These are tattoos that look similar to sleeves because they cover a big area of 1 part of the body with little or zero skin showing.

The designs of sleeve tattoos are very intrinsic and can be complicated. However, they are colorful and define several images with some bizarre designs or patterns.

These are mostly popular among the younger men, especially the “Rock-n-rollers”. But today, you will see many younger females showing off sleeve tattoos on their arms or legs.

If you have any plans to get a sleeve tattoo for yourself, here are some popular sleeve tattoo suggestions.

The  Japanese culture is a popular topic. You can choose to combine several different Japanese tattoos for your sleeve tattoo such as  blossoms, kanji or  koi fish, and samurai tattoo images. The older Japanese culture included ancient tattooing and what better way to bring that culture back to the present than by using Japanese designs for your own tattoo ink.

For the ladies who want to have sleeve tattoos, flower designs are great sleeve tattoo ideas. Several styles and patterns of flowers interwoven with leaves and twines can be a very interesting sleeve tattoo design. Flower sleeve tattoos also give you a chance to use bright, alive looking colors for the flowers. Some nice flower tattoos that you can use for your sleeve tattoos are hibiscus and roses designs. Speaking of the rose tattoo, this can be both feminine and masculine, depending on how it was drawn and where it is inked. Another excellent choice for the ladies are Ladybug Tattoos.

Celtic tattoos usually feature details that are very intricate. This beautiful work covers one whole arm or leg. There are artists can draw animal tattoos using these knot works. Celtic tattoos usually come in one color but it is up to you if you like to have a variety of colors for your Celtic tattoo.

One of the most popular sleeve tattoo ideas, especially among the younger men, is the tribal tattoo. Very popular in Hawaii, these are known to have heavy black lines which are one of the most obvious features of a tribal tattoo.

As you probably know, these type of tattoos are quite large and their designs or patterns can be very complicated. You have to know that the bigger and more complicated the tattoo is, it is also a bit more expensive as well. Remember: These artist are professionals, they spend hundreds of hours of pain-staking work, constantly leaning over and continually holding a tight grip onto the tattoo ink machine.  They deserve this. And quite honestly, I believe most tattoo artists UNDER charge you.

Sleeve tattoos are great to have especially if you like the large kind of tattoos that cover a big area of your arms or legs. However, you should always choose carefully which design you want to have for your sleeve tattoo because it cannot be hidden that easily if for some reasons you do not happy with it.


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