Dragon Art Tattoos –  Designs For Your Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Art Tattoos – Designs For Your Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Art tattoos has been a top seller for a long time.

Especially the male population. The Dragon, although mysterious and mythical, has much weighted symbolism connected to it, of course, lets not forget the beautiful appearance it has when professionally inked onto the skin.

Dragon tattoos usually have two separate meanings depending on the way they are interpreted. On the West side of the globe, they are symbolized as an evil-not-so-friendly winged creature who has amazing fire breath and lives in caves securing the treasure from the hoarders who want it. In order to obtain this treasure, one must slay the dragon. In this scenario, having a tattoo of a dragon can possibly show fearlessness, power, courage and strong will.

Now, the other side of dragon tattoo art is considered fortune, wisdom and good luck. Typically is shown in the Eastern regions of the planet. Asia is a great example here. In China, dragons are the highlighted main symbol during the celebration of Chinese New Year as they are believed to bring prosperity, benevolence and good will. Regarding a tattoo design, the meanings can be interpreted as intelligence, protection, balance and harmony.

Dragon tattoo designs can look great on practically any large areas of the body such as the higher arm, mid to lower rib cage, chest, back and shoulders. Typical colors are usually red and green while others decide for the plain black dragon tattoo. They can be portrayed as frightening, creepy, or horrifying or subtle, charming or kind. It really is up to the individual who wants the dragon tattoo design and the meaning behind it.

Of course, its always best to do your research first before purchasing one. Go to tattoo forums online and have a chat with some people on ideas. I am sure you will get many responses because there are millions of tattoo lovers out there in this world.

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