Insane-Tattoos of Tongues

Insane-Tattoos of Tongues

Insane-tattoos of tongues are really fascinating and bizarre.

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Insane-tattoos? I do not believe there is a single place on the body, except the actual eyeball, where one can get a tattoo. I love seeing the most insane, bizarre body art on people and have them put it on display for the world to see.

As I was reading…

and surfing the web about different designs and options, I stumbled across something that completely blew my mind: Tongue tattoos. Yes, this is insane but i love it anyway. Will I get one? Probably not but even though I may wimp out on this one, I still feel that this is one truly insane tattoo art form but incredible even more!

I am really intrigued by this from a complete artistic perspective view. Some of these tattoos are actually very beautiful and eye-catching. I have also learned from doing a little more investigating that tongue tattoos are a perfect compliment to tongue piercing.

According to the many people who had a tongue tattoo done for them do admit it hurts like a mother and to speak normally for a certain amount of time is a little difficult. However, the prize of being able to stick out their tongues at people who are unaware is worth the effort.

From investigating further, some have said that food tastes like burnt flesh after getting this type of tattoo. Hopefully, for not too long.

I came across this article stating that in the 1820′s the Hawaiian Queen Kamamalu received a tongue tattoo so that she could show her grief for her mother in law’s death. This procedure was witnessed by a missionary named William Ellis who commented that the queen must be in great pain, she replied; “He eha nui no, he nui roa ra ku‘u aroha.” ,which is translated in Hawaiian as:(Great pain indeed, greater is my affection.)

The pigment will hold if tattooed properly with a syringe. By using an injection method of tattooing the tongue, there is what is called ” a forced blow out” which can be created under the skin. This can be done by injecting the pigment into the “permanent layer” of the skin, as it is commonly called in tattooing. However, there has to be careful consideration not to inject the pigment intramuscularly.

I don’t think I will be getting one of these any time soon, but to see these in the photos I have discovered, is truly amazing and insane. Another beautiful tattoo work of art.

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