The Hottest in Polynesian Tattoo Designs and Ideas

The Hottest in Polynesian Tattoo Designs and Ideas

People are always exploring new area and new ideas. Tattoos are no different and the people who like to get tattoos love to push the envelope. Therefore they are always looking for new designs and new ideas for their tattoos. Everyone wants something that is unique and different and artistically beautiful. Thus leads to a lot of new trends within the world of tattoo designs. Of course you have probably seen and noticed the pretty hot trend of tribal tattoos. Thus started way back int he early 90′s and has just gained in popularity. Some would say it has been over done or is past. However, there are still tons of men and women getting tribal tattoo designs. More then anything the area has just adapted and changed and the styles of tribal tattoo artwork has become more irsh and varied. Instead of the sort of new age tribal tattoo design that really is a bunch of lines that don’t go back to any tribe their is a search for more authentic designs. Many who are getting and inking tribal tattoo designs are looking back to the tribal roots. For example Polynesian tattoo designs which are true tribal designs have come more into light these days. People are looking for authentic and historical tattoos while putting a modern twist on them.

Below are some of the more popular areas where these hot Polynesian tattoo designs are getting popular and cutting edge.


Of course all native and tribal-based cultures have a deep connection with the earth and the animals that live with the earth. This goes all the way back to our hunter and gathering ancestry. The cave paintings of Lascaux and some of the earliest artistic expressions done by any human involved animals. Animals in tribal cultures are seen as gods or the gods are embedded into animals. The example everyone will know is the totem animal from many of the Native American tribes. The worship and deep fascination with animals can be seen in all tribal cultures and thus many of the tattoo designs also reflect this art form and a sort of animal worship. So if you are looking to get a truly tribal tattoo design you might want to think in terms of an animal and a totem or sorts that speak to you or an animal you feel a close connection to. For example a tattoo design for strength might be a bear. A possible design for living a carefree life might be a turtle. These animals can easily be adapted and integrated with most of the traditional Polynesian tribal tattoo designs.


Another theme that is used frequently in Polynesian tattooing no matter the tribe or people are patterns. You see this in just about every sample of traditional tribal cultures art be it the Navajo woven rug patterns or the Hawaiian patterns seen in their clothing and textile designs patterns are a popular theme in all tribal culture. These can often make for a great tattoo.

Different Cultures

Keep in mind when you are thinking about getting a tribal tattoo you will want to carefully choose a tribe that represents something to you or a tribe that holds significance for you for some reason. There are a lot of different tribal tattooing traditions and the design can look very different depending on the tribe. Therefore you will want to pick the tribe first. Then you can start to pick the design. Some examples of prominent cultures that have deep ties with the tradition of tattooing are the Maori, Hawaiian, and Samoan cultures just to name a few.

So if you are thinking about getting a tribal tattoo you might really want tot take the time to do your research. Find out what the traditions were in the different ancient tribal cultures and choose a design and tribal art tradition that speaks to you. Also make sure you choose your tattoo artist carefully. Ideally you will really want to find a tattoo artist that specializes in the tradition you are looking for.

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