What is Your Craziest Tattoo Idea or Design?

What is Your Craziest Tattoo Idea or Design?

Tattoos can be really neat looking and then they can be crazy!

I have gathered a list of some of the craziest tattoo Designs I have heard of.

1. Getting a tattoo on your eye? ( I do not even know if this is possible)
2. Body art on your testicles. ( I will skip this one )
3. A Tattoo of an Ex Girlfriend or Boyfriend ( this makes zero sense )
4. Tattoos on your ass ( only good if you are a porn star )
5. Body art designs on the scalp and then you grow your hair ( why even bother with this?)
6. A tattoo behind the ear. ( will anyone ever see this one? )

Feel free to please add and share your stories and I will add and publish them to this site

Thank You,
Tattoo Davey D.

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