Top 5 Hottest Tattoos

Top 5 Hottest Tattoos

Tattoos are a very  popular expression of body art today that include both men and women that find it hot!

The universe of the hottest tattoos have been escalating  at an unstoppable  pace.  There are no rules or regulations for choosing  the right tattoo design and that is why you should have no problem finding the hottest tattoo that you really want and like. Just in case you’re having some trouble  picking out the right one for you, here are the top 5 most popular hottest tattoo designs that most people have been choosing of late.

Just a note, Ladybug Tattoos are extremely popular.

1) The Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are  a gigantic trend these days and the  popularity of them continues to escalate. The features they have can be some of the most hottest and unique buy still creative body art having much diverse meanings as well. One of the most popular in the tribal tattoo category  is the Celtic tattoo design.  These designs are best known and popular  for its color, inter-weaving patterns, complicated  knots, animal structures  and various, different  symbols.  Many men love the tribal tatts, and the women seem to love them on the men even more.

2) The Rose Design

Reaching the 2nd place  spot in our “Hottest Tattoo List”  is the Rose Tattoo. The rose by far, is the most popular design out of the entire flower category, especially with women.   Because of the fact that roses have been used for many decades  to symbolize and signify romantic love, the rose flower alone has been loved by almost everyone on our planet. It is also the most popular flower because of its  beauty and meaning. There is no mistake to why they are proudly worn as tattoos by many people of all sexes and cultures.

3) The Butterfly

The Butterfly has always been seen as a cheerful creature. A butterfly tattoo also has many meanings  and usually caters to the feminine qualities. butterfly’s  symbolize transformation, beauty, happiness and rebirth for a new beginning at a new life.  the color alone gives it such a beautiful ominous state for being so visual.  It also  is considered to be very flexible because it can be modified and personalized to capture your hearts desire.

4) The Almighty Star

Placing at 4th on the list is the Star tattoo.  This popular hot design can have a symbolic meaning or simply just a fashion statement for both sexes.  Stars have been known to represent accomplishment, success, and destiny. The list of choices to pick are endless.  The most popular designs of these are the shooting star, the five-point star, and the six-point star or the “hexagram”. Many people choose this design over any other.

5) The Heart Design

The heart is, by far, the most used symbol and is considered as one of the most recognized symbols  in all cultures.  Sexy and hot heart tattoos have been a fashionable statement  for individuals  to show their love in a permanent form. There are endless styles of heart tattoo designs available today that can have very different meanings to all individuals.

When you decide to get a tattoo, this  is a serious decision so choosing a great design should be your number one goal. Do not get a design just because someone said it was cool. Remember, you will have this for the rest of your life!  make  sure you know what you want before you walk into the tattoo studio.  It is  extremely important to choose your design wisely.


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    1. August 26th, 2009 | 6:57 am

      Hey David! Great post, but I have to disagree with your number 1 placement. Tribal tattoos are just so ’91, I think we will soon be seeing a declining popularity of this kind of tattoos.

      While you’re at it, check out my tattoo site for some cool new ideas for your next tattoo and my extensive tattoo gallery


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