How to Choose Cool Body Art Tattoos

How to Choose Cool Body Art Tattoos

Don’t want a vine tattoo? I can understand.

It seems like everywhere I look, someone’s got a vine twined around an arm!

Mind you, it wasn’t tattoos I didn’t like. It’s the vine design. I didn’t like it and I resolved not to have it the day I decided to look around for tattoo designs.

Having just gotten back from a trip to Hawaii, I realized how completely boring I had become. For whatever reason,….

I had escaped the 1990’s without a tattoo, and saw how blank my body looked on the beach. Everyone else was covered in cool body art tattoos, but I was a blank palette. I guess for awhile I had taken pride in the fact that I was tattoo-free, but it was time to join the party.

I found myself starting to check out the body art tattoos of my friends. Andrea has a sweet Native American tattoo on her back and a yin/yang piece of art on her wrist.

Rich has a vine tattoo up one arm, and my friend John has a wicked ring of thorns around his bicep. These gave me a few ideas, but I wanted more.

I took a trip to the wrong side of the tracks and went looking at some of the tattoo parlors. I was absolutely amazed at the wide variety of tattoos, but equally baffled. I could choose from monsters or lizards, patriotic or religious, evil or cartoon tattoos.

There were Asian tattoos, Celtic tattoos, and tribal tattoos. I found tattoos specifically for the arm, the lower back, the chest, and the leg. Choosing body art tattoos was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

After talking to my friends and hitting the tattoo shops, I tried looking online. I searched for a few websites and settled on one. It helped me out a lot because I could search tattoos by category, and found some really good designs that I brought into a tattoo parlor.

To my surprise, the tattoo artist I went to wasn’t at all offended by my bringing in my own art and he copied it exactly – and it looks great!

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