Maori body Art

Maori body Art

%tattoo %designsI recently came back from a cool trip to Australia and New Zealand, and in honor of what I saw and experienced, I thought it would be a great idea to select one of several Maori tattoos designs that I had seen in a tattoo store while I was there.

Of course I wasn’t bright enough to take a photo of the tattoo I wanted, and couldn’t really describe the design I had seen to a tattoo artist.

So, I decided I…..

would create one that looked like what I thought I remembered it to look like. What a mess! Clearly, this wasn’t the answer – I’m no artist.

So, I started looking for Maori tattoos online and could not believe that I actually found the exact one on a website – Chopper Tattoo. Within minutes, I had downloaded it and was in the car, on the way to the tattoo parlor! The tattoo artist was impressed with what I had chosen and I think he had a fun time reproducing the art.

Even though I am still suffering, I have already gone back online to find the next design, but this time it will be a little smaller and little less intricate. And hopefully, a lot less painful.

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