Bull Tattoos Are Always in Vogue

Bull Tattoos Are Always in Vogue

I had put off getting a tattoo for several reasons, and probably the reasons that everyone has. First of all, my  wife would kill me. She would absolutely murder me if she knew I had let some long-haired needle-wielding freak near my skin. She loves me!

Secondly, I never got a tattoo because I was scared to death of that freak. Why would I let someone I didn’t know, and someone who was far from being a doctor, near me with a needle that would poke me repeatedly for hours? Probably not the brightest idea.

But perhaps the most important reasons I never got a tattoo was because I couldn’t decide on what I wanted. I knew that I had seen several bull tattoos that I loved, but I had never been able to find a design in a tattoo parlor that fit the bill.

I was lucky enough to come across Tattoomenow.info which has literally thousands of tattoo designs, even an entire category of bull tattoos from which I could choose. In addition, there were lots of other styles, sizes, colors, and I couldn’t believe all of the new ideas I came away with.

After deciding on a design, I continued my research and found a reputable tattoo artist in my town. I interviewed him over the phone, interviewed him in person, spoke to some of the people he had worked on, and saw photographs of some of the body art he had produced. Call me over-cautious, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t make a mistake.

All the legwork paid off, and now I have an awesome tattoo of a bull – the very one I had wanted for years. Yes, my wife will kill me when she sees it, but if I break the news to her after taking her shopping, she just might be less inclined to be angry.

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