Fleur-de-lis Tattoo designs

Fleur-de-lis Tattoo designs

(or fleur-de-lys, plural: fleurs-de-lis. This is a translation from the French language known as a “lily flower”.

It is a intricate design of usually an iris or lily flower that can be interpreted as a decorative or symbolical   design. Also, it may be artistic, or even emblematic.

Even though the fleur-de-lis has been shown on many European arm jackets with or without flags for many centuries, it is mainly known to be associated with the French monarchy regarding historical meaning, and even today with the Spanish monarchy as the sole remaining monarchs of the House of Bourbon.

For the French, this symbol has much in depth meaning. The  postage stamps even have the fleur-de-lis. However, this has not been taken in fully or officially by the republics of the French just yet. Spain, being more of a constitutional monarchy, the fleur-de-lis is related with the Spanish King Juan Carlos 1st   and the Kingdom of Spain.
In Canada, the fleur-de-lis is usually linked with areas formerly settled by the French, Quebec being a perfect example of this.As for the USA, Louisiana also has a gigantic French connection. In the NFL, the New Orleans Saints football team has the fleur-de-lis symbol on the helmets.It is also the emblem of For the Italian Province of Florence, it is the main emblem added in the 15th century.

There are many beautiful varieties of the Fleur-di-lis.

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