Music Tattoo Designs

Music Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are most interpreted in a way of saying what you are about.

You may have Body Art of a loved one or a symbol of your higher power.

Everyone has their own style of music that they enjoy. It most certainly has to reflect on which kind of  design they get.

Music tattoos are in abundance of many different forms of   imagery, ranging from plain to heavy influence.  Some like to show off their music art in a rock style while the other are into the punk style and then there are who would rather show their musical preferences in the Goth era.

When it comes to “Rock-N-Roll” music, these tattoos are usually the most colorful and have the craziest images. Most of these include the music icons and are performed by the  artist on the visible parts of the body. The punk music tats  can be interpreted in a rebellious form showing the world that “Hey, I want to live the way I want to live”.. They use a lot of reds and yellows which stand out the most. Usually revolt and rebellious pictures of rage or even torture are some of the popular ones.

Music Tats from the gothic era can easily symbolize the dark   subculture that has found many followers in the world we live in today. A giant following of the younger audience. There is a lot of black with bits and pieces of reds and purple.

It can be a gothic fantasy design about dragons, dark movie themes, the under ground, or even a character from your favorite fantasy world. It can also be a part of witch craft, Satanism or the occult with or without religious ideas. Whatever it comes out to be, most tattoos have hidden meanings. A music note on someone’s wrist or elbow may say something else to someone else.

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