Vine Foot Body Art

Vine Foot Body Art

A friend of mine just recently got body art of a vine on his foot.

He had told me that it was by far the most painful one of his life. I decided to do a little research on why this is.

For starters, the foot is a very sensitive part of the body. There are over 100 different bones in the foot. With very little flesh (except for the bottom) it is no wonder that getting body art on the foot can hurt a bit.

As my friend was getting this,  he mentioned that he was grasping his fists hard throughout the procedure.  He was happy when it was finally finished. His entire foot including the toes went numb and after the next day, his toes started swelling. This is considered a normal reaction but must be watched and monitored.

It took about one week for the initial pain to subside and he told me that getting a foot tattoo was an experience never to be forgotten. However, today, he is happy he went through with this because it is one of the coolest vine tattoos he has ever seen.

When getting a tattoo anywhere on the body, please keep these important reminders in mind:

* Always do your research and go to a certified trusted artist.

* Make sure to tell the artist if you are taking any medications that may interfere with the ink.

* If nervous at first, ask the artist to test a small area to get a quick feel for what you are about to experience in case you change your mind.

* If you chicken out, its ok. There are plenty of cool temporary vine body art designs  you can get that look very close to being real.

People who have received these all over the body have experienced different reactions. Some will say that this particular area is a little more painful than the other.
I would recommend to ask around. Go to some foot tattoo forums or web sites and get some feedback if you are uncertain.

Click Here to get more info on foot body art.

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