History of Tattoos

History of Tattoos

Body art is more than 5000 years old.

In ancient time, Rulers and kings got tattoos on their bodies indicating their power and where they ruled in their kingdom.

Back then, there was very little room for error and body art was  permanent. Today, we have tools to either remove the design or correct errors.

Women in the old days were not allowed to get body art and if they did, they had to cover up the design with what ever clothes they were wearing. As time went by, women were allowed to get them more frequently.

Today, most women get body art ( like men) purposely, to show it off out of pride  ( Which is the way it should be done ).  Up until around the 1980′s , tattoos were in black. Now, today, we have all sorts of colors to choose from.  Earlier, tattoos used to be produced and drawn by machines due to the fact that most tattoo artist back then were not as advanced as todays artist. Also, most tattoo artist usually went to the customers residence because there were not many tattoo parlors around.

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