Ladybug Tattoos Designs

Ladybug Tattoos Designs

I love the ladybug.

Generally peoples do not like most insects but the ladybug doesn’t really seem like an insect to everybody.

Well maybe, ladybugs are like butterflies.

I don’t think I’m the only one who likes ladybugs Either. There are exist a lot of variety of ladybug tattoos, and even pastry chef offer ladybug birthday cake to their customers in their store. Ladybug art is everywhere you see it on the net and on stationary, on party supplies and even on backpacks and on clothes.

One day I even bought a ladybug magazine and while perusing through the pages, I saw a children doll house that was shaped like a ladybug house. Even tattoo artists love ladybug tattoos.
But I think the reason I like enjoying lady bugs the most is because I once read an article about a foundation called the ladybug foundation. That was started by a small child to help homeless people.

She painted a jar with a ladybug and went to everyone, even businesses in the area, asking for donations. I think this is one of the main reasons why I like ladybugs. Every time I see a ladybug I am reminded of the ladybug foundation and the determination of one small child to help the world.

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